Sale of measuring devices

We deal with the import and sale of measuring equipment – gauges and measuring machines and isnturments from reputable MAHR and ZEISS measuring equipment manufacturers for which we also provide service.

We especially offer

gauges and measuring machines and instruments:

Carl Zeiss

  • Coordinate measuring machines – portal, frame, and special structures (DuraMax)
  • Laboratory light microscopes – direct or inverse, stereomicroscopes

Mahr GmbH

  • callipers and depth gauge instruments
  • height measuring instruments
  • micrometers
  • test indicators and 3D probes
  • standards, gauges and gauge blocks
  • precision length metrology
  • surface metrology
  • roughness metrology
  • form metrology
  • gear metrology
  • measuring instruments for the optical industry (interferometers and asphere measuring stations)
  • optical metrology (magnifiers, stereo- and workshop measuring microscopes)
  • shaft metrology
  • wireless data receivers and data connection cables
  • measuring and inspection equipment (comparator and indicator stands, bevel protractors, V-blocks...)


In case you need more information about the current supply, price, gauge service or you need an advice on the choice of a measuring gauge, contact our salesman or use the contact form.

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